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Kopeng Treetop Adventure Park is outbound area of tree adventure which move from tree to tree through variety of different challenges. This adventure park is located in Semarang, Central Java - Indonesia.


Bumi Nata Wisata
Adisumarmo Street 136
Phone: (0271) 780050

Electra Duta Wisata
Brigjend Slamet Riyadi Street 227
Phone: (0271) 641600

Mulyo Indah Tour
Sutan Syahrir Street 24
Phone: (0271) 654344

Equator Tour
Ronggowasito Street 10
Phone: (0271) 642310

Hayuningrat Tour
Pagelaran Kraton Surakarta
Phone: (0271) 641868

Mutiara Tour
dr. Rajiman Street 280
Phone: (0271) 722601

Nusantara Tour
Urip Sumoharjo Street 5
Phone: (0271) 652888

Mandira Tour
Gajah Mada Street 96
Phone: (0271) 718558

Nabila Mitra Wisata Tour
Brigjend Slamet Riyadi Street 87
Phone: (0271) 669262

Wida Tour
Raya Solo Sragen Street 6 Palur, Karanganyar
Phone: (0271) 825116

Gapura Pusaka Sakti
KH. Ahmad Dahlan Street 7
Phone: (0271) 651006

Natra Tour
Gajah Mada Street 86
Phone: (0271) 641081

Nikki Tour
Sutowijoyo Street 45
Phone: (0271) 717733

Rosalia Indah Tour
Brigjend Slamet Riyadi Street 102
Phone: (0271) 825173

Sahid Gema Wisata
Brigjend Slamet Riyadi Street 380

Solo Inta Wisata Tour
Brigjend Slamet Riyadi Street 96
Phone: (0271) 656126

Subur Putra Wisata
Brigjend Slamet Ritadi Street E275
Phone: (0271) 733338

Asih Tour
Sutan Syahrir Street 83-83
Phone: (0271) 645305

Sugiharto Tour & Travel
Kepatihan Kulon Street 56

Alam Raya Sejahtera Tour
Ronggowasito Street 2A
Phone: (0271) 645305

Marina Tours & Travel
Ruko Mutiara Marina number 7
Phone: (024) 761552

Haryono Tours & Travel
MH. Thamrin Street 58
Phone: (024) 8444000

Chiara Tours & Travel
Jati Raya Street, Block E Kav. 1
Phone: (024) 316148
Fax: (024) 445531

Fortuna Tours & Travel
Kompol Maksum Street 286
Phone: (024) 314601
Fax: (024) 471259

Gema Mahardika Tours & Travel
Setyabudi Street 53 A
Phone: (024) 473245
Fax: (024) 313129Solo

Pesona Duta T&T
Ronggowarsito Street 82
Phone: (0271) 651009

Yan't Favorite T & T
KHA. Dahlan Street 22
Phone: (0271) 634378

Panorama Jaya Asri
Brigjend Slamet Riyadi Street 608
Phone: (0271) 717435

Melati Biru Tour
Kalilarangan Street 8
Phone: (0271) 66241

Bintang Selatan Tours & Travel
Jend. A. Yani Street 197 A
Phone: (024) 317556
Fax: (024) 511114

Electra Duta Wisata Tours & Travel
Gajahmada Street 1
Phone: (024) 3516 662
Fax: (024) 3516 664

Fortuna Tours & Travel
Kompol Maksum Street 286
Phone: (024) 314601
Fax: (024) 447374

Giantra Wisata Tours & Travel
MT. Haryono Street 517 B
Phone: (024) 443332

Bayu Buana Tours & Travel
MT. Haryono Street 760
Phone: (024) 449721

PT. Dewa Arystama
A. Yani Street 313A
Phone: (0271) 725505

Malai Sulindo Pratama
Dr. Rajiman Street 515
Phone: (0271) 715171

Bengawan Indah Tour & Travel
Gajah Mada Street 82
Phone: (0271) 633988

Indotara Nusa Buana
Kapt. Mulyadi Street 116
Phone: (0271) 633988


Luis Jaya Travel
Phone: (0293) 5510378

Yudistira Tour & Travels
Wali Telon village
Phone: (0293) 5527110 Soma Motor Travel
Kios Kb Polo I/18
Phone: (0293) 363838 Rejeki Baru Travel
Raya Mertoyudan Street Ruko Prayudan Permai Block A/15 A
Phone: (0293) 326535 TEGAL

Andre Travel
KH Mansur Street 7
Phone: (0283) 356303

Rajawali Travel
Dr Sutomo Street 31
Phone: (0283) 356695

Permata Travel
Arif Rahman Hakim Street 118
Phone: (0283) 356454

Canon Travel
Arif Rahman Hakim Street 120
Phone: (0283) 356678

Arya Travel
KH Mukhlas Street 1
Phone: (0283) 343345

Nusantara Indah Travel
Arif Rahman Hakim Street 112
Phone: (0283) 320904

Mina Travel
Sawo Street 1
Phone: (0283) 351523

Duta Travel
Jalak Barat Street 42
Phone: (0283) 353363

Soma Motor Travel
Dr Sutomo Street 17
Phone: (0283) 351658

SM Travel & Paket
Letjen S Parman Street 15
Phone: (0283) 356130

Sinar Baru Travel
Arif Rahman Hakim Street 5
Phone: (0283) 356241


Bintang Wijaya Express Travel
Letkol Isdiman Street 10-B
Phone: (0281) 635340

Bama Patra
Jambu Street 7
Phone: (0281) 640260

ALS Agen
Karang Klesem Street
Phone: (0281) 636996 Antarnusa Travel
Letkol Isdiman Street 17
Phone: (0281) 636671

Karuna Travel
Dr Suparno Street 18-A
Phone: (0281) 639234

Sawangan Agent
Mayjen Sutoyo Street 63
Phone: (0281) 631642

Maju Jaya Travel
Letjen Suprapto IV Street 4
Phone: (0281) 638444

Latest News

Ratu Boko Temple, Yogyakarta

Ratu Boko Temple Settled on a hillside plateau, overlooking Prambanan temple complex and with a view to Mount Merapi behind Prambanan Temple complex, lie the remains of a once grand palace. The palace (kraton) is named Ratu Boko after a King Boko of local folklore, but the real owner of the palace is more likely to have been a king of a local dynasty. Ratu Boko temple is located on a plateau, about three kilometres south of Lara Jonggrang Prambanan temple complex in Yogyakarta Central Java, Indonesia. Grand stone gates,…

Baturaden Waterfall, Banyumas – Central Java

Baturaden Waterfall This waterfall is located in Ketenger tourism village, 2 km from Baturaden tourism object. Local people recognize this waterfall as Curug Ceheng. Around this waterfall, there is bridge where we can enjoy the scenery over the Baturaden. Batureden waterfall is one of attractions in Baturaden tourism object. Administratively, this waterfall is located in Banyumas, precisely in the south slope of Slamet Mountain. To reach this location, we can go by using private vehicles or public transportation. It takes 20 km from Purwokerto or 15 minutes drive. This waterfall…

Pekalongan – Central Java

Pekalongan Pekalongan regency is one of Central Java regencies with the capital city of Kajen. This regency is bounded with Java Ocean and Pekalongan city in north, Batang regency in east, Banjarnegara in south, and Pemalang regency in west. The history of Pekalongan dated back to the early 12th century. A book written in 1178 by a Song dynasty official already had record of Pekalongan, then known to Chinese merchants as “Pukalong”, it was then a seaport of Java(then known as Dvapa); the king of Java lived at Pukalong, knotted…

Nusa Kambangan, Indonesia’s The Most Feared Prison Island

Nusa Kambangan Island Nusa Kambangan is an island in Central Java and it famous as the safeties penitentiary in Indonesia. This island is administratively located in Cilacap regency and it becomes one of the outermost islands in Indonesia. To reach this island, people have to crossing the island by using ferry from special port that ran by Indonesia Justice Department, which located in Sodong Port, Cilacap for about 5 minutes and it has to wait in Wijayapura ferry port in Cilacap. This special cross will drove directly by the officer…

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